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In short, the goal and aim of the GAL Project is to help and create a new framework for the global discussion on animals in law.

The GAL MATRIX has therefore been created. It contains our – courageous – proposals what can and should be followed and aspired to in the fields of law adoption, enforcement, improvement and education. This should also apply from local to global level, and from the short term to a utopian setup. Please - and for the benefit of all of us - WORK with the GAL MATRIX with curiosity. A lot of experience in the fields of law making, law enforcing, lobbying and scientific knowledge is contained within it. It could also help both you and us to put all our previous points of view into a new framework. You may have the urge to contribute by working on an upgrade of the MATRIX. The texts from Sabine and myself are just first proposals. They are open to global discussion. Please reconsider them and then get in touch with us by using this process.

You can strengthen the legal world for animals by becoming a member of the Global Animal Law Expert Group and becoming a GAL FOX. All animal lawyers, from students to professors, are invited to be part of the GAL Expert group! Please join this group by writing to us with your name, title, institution, email, and, if you like, a picture of yourself, plus a short summary of your work and interests in animal law. You can also invite animal lawyers that you know, either friends or colleagues, to become GAL FOXES too!

Without further financial obligations you can easily get in touch with our other GAL foxes and share ideas and papers easily with them. And by taking the content of the MATRIX into account, you may even have a more innovative and global approach when advising clients and organizations or when speaking to the media.

Sabine Brels’ DATABASE containing the major anti-cruelty and pro-welfare laws aiming to protect individual animals in the world, at the basis of the Animal Welfare Legislation Database (AWLD) may help you draft better bills as you will then know what exists elsewhere.

Not only can you support our project by donating but your support can also help you get RICH! Donations can be made here – the funds are urgently needed to stabilize the project and to let it grow in a fast and sustainable way! And to get RICH all you have to do is act as an agent and persuade clients, friends and companies to support the GAL Project. The GAL Project, however, also needs support from the scientific world, so please promote the project prominently in the law schools, universities and scientific commissions with which you are closely connected.

In short: WELCOME to the GAL project! Please enlist as a GAL FOX soon, take a moment to get acquainted with the contents of the MATRIX, use the AWLD database and seriously consider the option not only of donating but also for receiving a commission on donations organized by you.

The fast and sustainable growth of the GAL Project will help the Global Animal Law movement get stronger, more powerful and even more successful. And we’ll all have an enjoyable time in the process!


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